How to use a Maternity pillow?

There are around 80% women who complain that they are unable to have a good quality sleep because of their baby bump. A Maternity pillow is a great investment to solve this problem. A   Maternity pillow is not only useful but after pregnancy as well in various ways as well in various ways. You can position of Maternity pillow in various ways depending upon your needs. Maternity pillow can make you relieve w Maternity pillow come in various shapes and sizes such that you can choose the perfect one for you.

There are various types of maternity pillows are out there in the market which makes you feel comfortable and you can sleep conveniently during your pregnancy period.

Here is a list of various maternity pillows which you can use as per your needs. You can choose a perfect pillow for you to have a comfortable sleep.

Choose the one as per your need when required and have a look at various types of pillows.

So, here is a list of variously shaped pillows

1.    Are you in need of u shaped pillow?

If you want to have full body support then there is no any other pillow rather than a U shaped pillow which will work for you in the best way. If you need to toss and turn all night just because of readjusting your pillow then this new shaped pillow is just the best pillow for you.

A U shaped pillow will support your body from both the ends as well as support your belly, neck and head. A U shaped pillow will accommodate all your body and make you feel refresh when you will awake. This is one of the most popular pillows in pregnant ladies and offers higher comfort to a pregnant lady.

How to use U shapd pillow?

U shaped pillow helps you to have support throughout your body. You can use this pillow when you want to cuddle or hug to have pleasure during sleep. If you have an uncomfortable sleep then keep it on your back, you will have a comfortable overnight sleep. 

2.    A boppy or c shaped pillow

A C shaped pillow is usually smaller than that of u shaped pillows and can support you as per your need. You can adjust a c shaped pillow as per your needs like you can keep it in between your legs you can support your belly by keeping it under your belly. This pillow can support you for your neck, back and pelvic area as per your preferences.

How to use a c shaped pillow?

You can also place a wedge pillow between your legs and arms making you have a comforting hug and sleep. This will make you relieve aches of knees and all your tension making you have a deeper comfort. This will make you relive at ankle joints and your knees. You can also wrap it to your neck while traveling. You can use this pillow while traveling as a neck pillow. You can support your back while sitting and playing video games with your buddy or kid. 

3.    Go with a wedge-shaped pillow

A wedge-shaped pillow is better when you want to prove your head and back while sitting. You can also keep it under your belly when you lay on one side. Usually, wedge-shaped pillows are portable and smaller in size so that you can carry this with you wherever you go.

It is the smallest pillow in size in all other Maternity pillows as well as most affordable. If you are looking for a pillow in the budget then a wedge-shaped pillow is the perfect pillow for you.

A wedge-shaped pillow has a narrow end which you can place under your belly to support your belly. A wedge shape pillow will support your back muscles while you sleep so that when you wake up next morning then you will feel energized.

How to use Wedge shaped pillow? 

When you lay at one side then keep it under your belly to feel comfortable. If you want to support your back then place it at back to get support while sitting. The narrow end makes it to a position almost everywhere where you want to position it. 

You can also place a wedge-shaped pillow under your regular pillow to provide more support to your head or neck.

4.    A Full body pillow

A full body pillow is straight and long in shape. Full body pillows are usually the bigger pillows when it comes to Maternity pillows. These pillows are really very popular among women as of their shape. You can keep this pillow is decor in your home because of it’s less bulkiness.

How to use full body pillow?

You can use a full body pillow just like hugging and cuddling. The pillow is longer in shape and you can put it in front of you when you sleep on your left side to feel comfortable. This makes you keep aligned when you sleep and make you have a quality sleep.

5.     J shaped pillow

 J shaped pillow is somewhat similar to u shaped pillow but smaller than that. If you have a mid-size bed and don’t want to spend a large amount on the pillow then a j shaped pillow is the perfect pillow for you to provide support to your head neck and back. It works just like as u shaped pillow but cheaper than u shaped pillow making a good choice for a woman who wants to have a big pillow in the budget.

How to use J-shaped pillow?

You can use I shaped pillow just like as U shaped pillow to support your back, head and neck.

These are the various types of maternity pillows available in the market. You can use these maternity pillows to have comfort during your maternity period. Pregnancy period is one of the most beautiful time which a woman experience in her life, so make it comfortable with the help of the various maternity pillows. You can have one in your budget as per your preference. 

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