How to Fluff a Polyester Pillow in the Dryer Update 03/2023

How to Fluff a Polyester Pillow in the Dryer

how to fluff a pillow

How to fluff a pillow in the dryer is an easy process. But the most important part of this project is to do it right. If you are not careful, you could end up ruining your pillow permanently.

The dryer does not have the power to flatten your pillow. It is only intended to add some extra volume to the pillow that is already present. So how to re fluff a pillow if you are doing this correctly?

First, you should know how to fluff a polyester pillow in the dryer. First, lay down the pillow flat and fold it in half so that its center portion is touching the side. Then roll the pillow up the opposite way.

Next, fold the pillow up the other way. Once again, you roll it up the opposite way. Now, just lay the pillow flat to flatten it out. If it doesn’t seem quite right, re-shape it a little bit.

Now, just lay the pillow flat on your skin again. If it appears as though it’s not flattened enough, simply add about one to two inches of air. Remember to make sure the pillow is still flat before you go on to the next step.

To get the fluff on the polyester pillow in the dryer, begin by blowing gently on the pillow while it is still warm. This way, the air can move the dust particles over the pillow and off the surface of the pillow.

Next, just place the pillow in the dryer while it is still hot. Leave it in the dryer for approximately three hours.

Now, when you take out the pillow from the dryer, be careful to remove the excess moisture from the pillow. The moisture will keep the pillow soft. But any excess moisture will cause the pillow to be fluffier than it should be.

After the pillow has been dried out, allow it to sit out for a few minutes to air dry. Never leave the pillow exposed to air for more than ten to fifteen minutes. This will cause the pillow to shrink and then become too hard and uncomfortable.

Pillows made from polyester, cotton and acrylic are all too soft and fluffy to use in the dryer. Cotton and other absorbent materials should be avoided because they can easily warp and become ruined.

If you follow these simple steps, how to fluff a polyester pillow in the dryer will be much easier. But remember to use caution when you are dealing with a fluffed up pillow.

If the pillow is too heavy, it may fall through the dryer and break or rip. If it isn’t fluffy enough, it may also deflate or buckle. Follow these simple steps and you will soon have a perfectly fluffy pillow.